Welcome to Sure Sale Inc. We are in the process of developing a new website to showcase our services. We will be ready to receive orders in 2023.

Business owners understand the challenges of finding Customers. It can be time consuming and very expensive. We are here to help in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Take a peek at some of the benefits of using Sure Sale Inc.


We never charge for a lead. We only charge a small fee for a real paying Customer.

No more paying for leads which usually results to a waste of time. Imagine the control you will wield over your advertising budget. Fees are charged only when your business receives paying customers. Simple to understand charges with no unexpected/unpleasant surprises.


Imagine ordering Customers whenever your business needs more sales.

Could your business use an extra 5 or 25 or 100 paying Customers? Just use our On-demand order system. It’s just that easy.

Who can we help?

Sure Sale Inc will be able to provide paying customers to almost all type of business. If your business offers a professional service or is a rental provider or sells products, we can help. We will also be entering the takeout/delivery services arena.

This will be the “GO TO” for your business!

Join our prelaunch excitement

Sure Sale Inc is the parent company of Paid.Shopping and Visit for more information. Who knows? — you may like what you see and want to participate or even work for us!

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If you are a business owner, it would be a great idea to watch this video. We will be sending real paying customers to your business. Just make sure to Follow us on Twitter for launch information and you’ll receive a special bonus voucher for paying customers.